Among the various kinds of art, painting is something that is not so much spoken about, again of course those who are into this art form know how to appreciate it and visit as well as organize various events to promote the art form. It is basically the replication of one’s mind and thought processes in the form of a picture.

It involves the splashing of various colors with the help of brushes and can be done on any kind of surface. In fact, today in the world of digitization, painting too can be done digitally. It might be surprising to know that the painting materials range from sand to paper and even clay and other unusual things.

The styles of painting also vary not just from place to place but from person to person. Just like in the art of singing, though two singers may sing the same song, yet their styles of singing are very distinct similarly in painting, every painter has a different and distinct style of painting. It totally depends on the creativity of the individual how he/she can best bring his/her thought in the pictorial representation, in such a manner that may easily come across to the viewer.

This ability to paint the everyday things but with a unique élan and class that draws the attention of a viewer and even amazes the same, is considered to be a work of fine arts. Mark Borghi is the owner of several galleries in and around New York that host exhibitions of fine arts and his art gallery the Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery specializes in Post-War American paintings.

Among the numerous styles of painting are conceptual art, pop art, hyperrealism, abstract art, futurism, impressionism, etc. Any painter can either chose to create a painting in any single one of the styles or if he/she wants to explore the extent of their creativity, they are free to combine a few styles together.

There are innumerable styles of painting, of which oil painting is one. It is certainly not the ideal kind of painting for beginners and can be a rather messy task. But its scent is something that appeals to a lot of painters and because painting is also a passion for some, they love to have some special touches to it with this aromatic paint. The texture of the paint is also very easy to work with as it is rather smooth.

The most basic type of painting however, is the water color painting. Small children are seen using water colors to add color to their paintings in school as it is easy to use and can be done on paper. The most critical part of this style of painting however is the mixing of colors. There is also the well known acrylic painting, and a very rampant form of painting these days – the sand painting. This form of painting has suddenly become very popular and though it is a very tough art to practice there are many who are trying to learn it.

To understand the various styles of ancient and present painting you should definitely visit some gallery or show as well equipped as Mark Borghi’s fine art gallery. You really get to see the world of painting.