Shall I go for a brand new or a used vehicle? This is the first thought which usually comes to our minds when we go out for car shopping. Both new and used vehicle one has got their separate advantages depending on what you are actually looking for. However, buying a used car may give you more benefits, especially if you are a first-time buyer or someone who is looking for maximum value for their money.

Firstly, a new car gives you relief when it comes to repairs since most new vehicles don’t get into any sort of mechanical breakdowns in the first couple of years. Secondly, new vehicles are up-to-date with the latest features and technology which provides you more ease and convenience for your everyday use. And on top of that, they often come with a guaranteed full warranty. Simultaneously, the new vehicle gets into too much of depreciation from the very first day it leaves the showroom, and eventually puts you in a loss when you sell them using just after two to three years’ time. So, unless you don’t mind losing too much of your money, you can go for a brand new vehicle.

On the other hands, buying a second-hand vehicle will ultimately provide a better value for your investment. You will even get yourself into more advantage importing a car from Japan at a lower price and continue driving them for years to come.

Following are some of the major advantages of a used vehicle over new ones:

Price of Used Vehicles

The prices of used vehicles are far lower than the brand new ones. This is especially because the used vehicles have already gone past their high depreciation phase and are now available to be purchased at cheaper prices. Moreover, in Japan, the prices of vehicles are usually low, and with the strict Japanese road regulations, it gets pretty tough for owners to keep their new vehicles after three years. Leaving behind a large of used vehicles to be traded in different countries at lower prices.

High Number of Options

You certainly get more variety of vehicles when you make a decision going for a second-hand one. You will have different models of cars of the same year so you can easily pick up a vehicle with the ideal features. Not only that, it becomes easier for you to pick up a vehicle based on your preferred mileage, price, add-ons etc.

Meanwhile, going for a new vehicle won’t give you that much of flexibility, where you go on buying a vehicle that is available for you at the time of purchase.

Lower Registration Charges and Insurance Premium

The actual price of the vehicle has got a direct effect on the registration and insurance premium. So buying a second-hand vehicle which comes with a low price sticker provides you another benefit in the long term. Whereas new cars require you to pay high registration charges with higher insurance premium since their repair costs are much higher comparatively than a used vehicle.

High Resale Value

Now consider you have decided to sell your new vehicle which you have just bought a few months ago. You might not know, but you have already lost a lot of money in the shape of depreciation since the car has come on the roads. Keeping this factor in mind, a used vehicle gives you more benefit where you don’t lose that much of money since the vehicle you have bought had already passed that high depreciation phase and will provide you a good resale value selling in today’s date.

Lower Maintenance Costs

New vehicles can ask for a higher maintenance cost every month to keep them as immaculate as they already are, as you need to fix in only high-quality parts and spend money on expensive services. Whereas with a used vehicle you can easily get away with a moderate amount of servicing and replacement parts, which reduces the overall costs of your vehicle maintenance over the years.

Although the brand new vehicle has its own advantage, but can’t beat the many advantages which come when you choose to go with a used one.

The flexibility, lower prices, and variety of available options makes second-hand vehicles a far better choice. Especially when you are searching for a means of transportation with a blend of both high affordability and reliability.

Author Bio:

Sean Williams is a professional car sales agent currently associated with an international Japanese used car dealer. He also keeps a strong passion for writing about cars and has contributed a lot towards better car purchasing experiences for online customers.