Yes, it is extremely important to have an XML sitemap uploaded to your site. XML sitemap helps the Google bots to crawl your site more intelligently and easily. Sitemap basically defines the details of the site like: What is inside the content?, When was it last update?, Which pages are important for the bots to crawl? and which doesn’t need or have low priority. It basically has all the additional information of the details of your site and it must be included for the fastening of indexing procedure. You can also define which pages need indexing and which ones of them you don’t want to be appearing in search results. If you are not sure about creating site map, you can use online xml sitemap generator tools to do this job for you.

To create an XML sitemap with ease, you can use this online tool which will create it for you. Simply provide the main URL of your web page in the text box and click. In a matter of seconds, It will generate a quality sitemap for you to upload it on your site. It will help you make your site more friendly for the SEO and bots will love to crawl into it. Use Google webmasters tool to submit sitemap directly into google.

This extensible markup language is in a standard machine-readable format that is easily understandable for search engines and they prefer it more. A site without an XML sitemap will not only make the bots to crawl harder, but they may never crawl it or will take too long to index it. This can make your creative work unseen and unexposed. Your site may never appear online. Google bots will have a hard time understanding about your site and they will not be able to figure out many things like: Bots will not understand which pages need indexing and which needs to be excluded, Wrong pages can be indexed first and important ones may never get a chance, Bots might crawl and sign the pages for once but what will happen if you make a change or an update. Every time you update or change something inside your site, Google needs to be pinged for it and without a sitemap, it will never know. Other issues like content can be stolen before indexing can happen as well. Having a sitemap is a positive factor for the SEO and Google has made it clear that having a sitemap means the web page is quality and it’s been worked hard for it to make it friendly. Let’s see the basic points under:

  • It provides easy navigation and a better visibility for the search engines to walk around your site with ease. If Google bots know where to go and what’s it about, it will certainly be easier for them and the procedure will be quick too.
  • It will arrange a communication between your website and the search engines to work real-time about new updates in the URL or add-ups of new pages and content. Search engines will immediately know because of in changes inside XML sitemap.
  • Enable pages to get indexed quickly and precisely. In regards to having a control over the bots to explain them which ones need to be indexed first and the one which needs skipping.
  • It supports poorly structured websites who are unable to define the proper URLs but with having a sitemap will easily tell the search engine about the classification of numerous URLs.
  • A money-saving procedure to get your new sites and pages indexed quickly.

So remember to have a clear sight before developing your site. Having an XML will help your site greatly. Use the tool mentioned above to make it quickly. It will save your time and will help search engines to bring your site on top.